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  • How your gifts can make it happen

    Osseointegration is more than just a surgery – it’s a ground-breaking procedure that will transform the way people like Angelena Dolezar live their lives.


    Angelena and other patients with amputations don’t have to live with pain, discomfort or limited mobility. With your support, the University of Alberta hospital can offer a gold-standard alternative to traditional prostheses. You’ll give Angelena the solution she’s been searching for and provide her with the stability and freedom of movement she needs to do all the activities she loves.


    Thanks to the generosity of people like you, the University of Alberta Hospital has become a world-leader in healthcare innovation. Now, we have the opportunity to bring osseointegration to Edmonton and push the boundaries of care and knowledge.


    Osseointegration will open doors for Angelena, and change lives forever. This is history in the making, and we want you to be a part of it. Please, make your donation today.

  • Angelena's Story

    This Giving Tuesday your support will help bring osseointegration to Alberta for people like Angelena


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